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Asian Girl of the day

Asian Sirens from Asian Dating Sites.

Asian Girl of the day

Asian girl of the day is the site to get reviews on Asian international dating sites, but not just the dating sites you have to pay for to join, but the 100% free Asian dating sites as well, there are pictures of beautiful Asian women from dating sites including Japanese, Chinese, filipino and Thai, as well as advice on how to find your perfect match and avoid being scammed with practical advice on how to date Asian women if you are looking for a mail order bride.Or if you just want to see what Asian dating sites are about there's a quick nav to Asian dating sites.

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Asian dating sites reviewed

Score 9/10

The most beautiful women of any Asian dating site and the standard of photography is excellent and its free to join.


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Score 8/10

Good and fun dating site with a much larger cross-section of Asian women and is free to join.


Forget more, take me to the site.

Score 7/10

Mostly ladies from the Philippines and is free to join.


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Score 8/10

One of the largest Asian dating sites on the net,

and is free to join.


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Score 8/10

Nice site to meet Asian ladies

and is free to join.


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Quick nav to Asian dating sites.

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Dating tips for ...

Japanese women

Thai women

Filipino women

Chinese women

Reviews of Asian dating sites

Asian mail order bride pictures

Asian dating site reviews

The Dating game

Asian dating scams and how to avoid being scammed.

Most girls are genuine, friendly and honorable but every so often men are scammed out of money by a girl who is supposedly having problems either with the authorities, family members that are sick in hospital or she just needs money for a flight or has run out of money in some way and now is desperate and needs your help..... If this happens just Run!

Never send money or give your credit card details to any girl you may meet at an on-line dating site.

Girls that are genuine will never ask you for your credit card details or suddenly have a dire need for an emergency loan to get out of trouble, If they do (and it rarely does happen) then alarm bells should ring!

Use your common sence and you will have a very enjoyable experience meeting new dream Asian siren..

How can you avoid being scammed?

The simple answer is you have to pay to join a reputable dating site as this lessens your chances of meeting a scammer on line. All the asian dating sites mentioned on this site have up graded vetting and security.

By all means go to any of the 100% free Asian dating sites and have a look but if you are serious at some stage the best option is to pay to join as the girls will have paid also.

As I said paying only limits your exposure to scammers so the same advice applies for all dating sites………

Why do Asian women join Asian dating sites?

It is true that a lot of urban Asian women today enjoy new personal freedoms that were previously denied to them.

In fact Most of the Asian brides to be that join asian dating sites looking for foreign western husbands tend to have good jobs in one of the big cities and can be pretty successful in their own right.

unlike many countries whose women come from a more economical deprived background, So the vast majority of young Chinese brides signing up to international dating sites to meet western men are not desperate or socially isolated in any way.

Articles on ...

Chinese women are signing up to become Asian mail order brides are among the country’s most beautiful successful and intellectual young women. more....

Japanese women are mostly well-educated, hardworking and make beautiful wives and mothers more...

Filipino women. Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic in fact about seventy-five percent of the population are followers of the roman catholic church. Filipinas are generally very happy and feminine. They are generally non-confrontational when treated well and with respect. more...

Pictures of Chinese women.

When you are looking through the hundreds of pictures of beautiful Asian women on Asian dating sites you should just keep in mind that the new trend among the new young Asian sirens is to post photos in their dating profiles which have been professionally retouched to make them even more beautiful, one technique is skin lightning because for example in china light skin is considered to be most attractive as opposed to western women who consider a good tan to be attractive also try not to fall head over heels for the ” big eyes” contact lenses that are so popular in Asia now (these contacts lenses make the pupils of the eyes much bigger and sexier than they might really be and can change the whole appearance of the face) so when you do start talking or dating a Chinese woman, Japanese woman or any Asian woman you should ask her very politely to send you a few natural photos of herself as opposed to her studio taken portfolio.

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